BW Maritime

Our Values

At BW, our values underpin our decisions and actions as a company.

1. We deliver on our promises

Over the years, BW has built a reputation for honoring its commitments and for being a dependable partner.   

2.  We act for the future

The success of BW has been the result of a clear long-term view and a balancing of short-term priorities with long-term impact.

3.  We always try to do better

At BW, continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We constantly challenge the way we do things to find better ways. 

4.  We create energy through collaboration

We adopt a collaborative approach with colleagues and business partners and engage positively with each other to generate positive working relationships. 

Above Board

Our reputation as a reliable provider of maritime energy transportation services is one of our most important assets. We comply with the principles set out in the UK Bribery Act 2010. Find out more about BW’s Anti-Bribery policy.